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OK- I need help and well, kind of quick. At this moment, I have Rockin Body- well, wrapped and under the tree (gift from hubby-he,of course, doesn't know) to myself!!! But it's not too late to return and get Hip Hop Abs. Just saw the infomercial and it looks SO fun. And also another reason I'm asking is because I have slim series and wished I'd started off with Slim in 6 first. Hopefully will eventually order Slim in 6 and either Hip Hop Abs or Rockin Body (if I return) , but I just want a variety of videos and not the same thing. And, I love the "get up and dance workouts" like TJ more than slim series right now. Please help!!

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To me, there's no comparison between Rockin' Body and HHA (except that they both have Shaun T in them.)

I reach for my Rockin Body ALL THE TIME, and never for my HHA's.

To me, everything is better in Rockin' Body, and I really feel like I'm 'dancing', AND getting a great workout. The music is fantastic, the lighting, Shaun T, you name it. If you love the 'party feel' of TJ, I think you'll prefer RB over HHA.

Re:'s on the give a way!!
The are both good programs but Rockin Body is sooo much better than HHA. It really was the upgraded sequel. I have both and rarely well, never use HHA anymore short of the Ab Sculpt just for a change, and that is really only once every few months.

I have had Rockin Body since it came out (my cousin was in the infomercial) I still am not bored of it. I use a variety, I have HHA, Rockin Body, P90x, Turbo Jam and now ChaLean Etreme and even doing full board ChaLean workouts I still through in Rockin Body 2 days a week.

Watch the Rockin Body Infomercial. Look at Nadine.. it totally changed her life. I can vouch for that!
Christy, which one did you go with?
I took everyone's advice and kept my Rockin Body!! Was actually going to start yesterday, but my husband gave me a beach bike as a surprise Christmas gift and I'm lovin' it. The weather is awesome in SC, and I've stayed outside pretty much all weekend (especially today) riding my bike. Oh, but I will definitely let you know how it goes when I start Rockin with Shaun T!!! Thanks for asking!!
My favorite Rockin Body workout is in the Deluxe set.. House Your Body. It so hurt's everything in the right way and flies by! In the first 2 dvd's I like Booty Time the best AND the Rock it Out (think thats the name.. been doing ChaLean for awhile and haven't used that one.) I do for my first "rest day" with ChaLean either House your body or Hardcore Abs and Ab Sculpt both (usually throw TJ 20 on that day) so event though that isn't my "main" workout right now. I still do Shaun T's workouts at least 2 times a week!
I still haven't done House Your Body yet. When I think, "Rockin' Body" my hand automatically goes to Shaun T's Dance Party. I just love that workout...

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